Hair and the New Year.

Happy after Christmas Glow!!!! Are you all feeling the affects of the Christmas Holiday and New Years?? Are you ready for 2018 yet?? Bring it on I say!!!!! Because I'm sooooo ready.

For us, Christmas is very different than what my childhood Christmas was. My memories are always headed to my Grandma & Grandpa's to open gifts and have MUCH anticipated family time. There are about 7 Grandkids on my Dad's side and we were all (and still are really) incredibly close. Almost like brothers and sisters (well, some of us WERE). I miss the holidays and all of my aunts uncles and cousins gathered at the house which would almost bust at the seams. Grandma's cooking, and singing Happy Birthday to Jesus. As life has changed, grown and ultimately I moved, things are a bit different! (I live in AZ guys, so there is ZERO snow also).

Creating memories for my daughter is one of the greatest things I try to do now. But have you all ever noticed the harder we seem to try, the more difficult it seems? I swear "trying" to make memories is way different than the organicness of just plain making memories. Letting things happen as they fold out is WAY more fun and I find more laughter in joy in those moments rather than trying to just MAKE it happen.

This year we got my daughter her own little vanity for her room. She got her little fake makeup kit, a new brush and some hair accessories. I swear she is going to follow in my footsteps and go into the hair world. She loves brushing our hair, her hair, the dogs hair. She loves trying to make it look nice and I like that she appreciates the effort involved. This last year I became a Market Partner with Monat and her hair went from fine and flyaway to shiny, gorgeous and easier to manage. (mine included, haven't you noticed I have extensions in??). Monat Hair Care has literally changed our hair lives! Not to mention my pocket book. Getting to pay the mortgage with what Monat helps me bring in has made a HUGE impact on our lives. That and being able to pay off my credit cards has been even MORE helpful. I'm NOT headed into 2018 with a mountain of debt trying to pay for the holiday gifts under the tree.

I also got WAY more involved with my hair extension business and LOVE doing them. NBR - Natural Beaded Rows is the ONLY extension system that I will do on clients now. If you haven't heard of this innovative method, you need to check out my other site for your FREE video and ability to actually apply for extensions with me!! I have had the opportunity in 2017 to help train people in this method under Danielle K. White, the owner and creator of NBR. I love these extensions because they offer the most hair with the least amount of damage! If you're curious about what they look like, head on over to my Instagram for more pictures and then apply at my site! I cannot wait for you to experience the BEST in hair extensions.

So what are your goals for 2018?? If good hair is on your list this year,'re in the right place!

Happy 2018 to you and yours!



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