The Three Year Old Life

I think prefacing this post The Three Year Old Life means this could get interesting right? What am I writing about now....well let's dive in.

In case you don't know (and how could you not if you're on here??) I have a 3 year old daughter named Everly, whom I would do just about anything for. If you're a parent, you get my drift. If you aren't, I may just get you too.

See, I didn't get to become a parent super easy. I know a lot of people struggle to conceive these days, and we all have our stories. I won't dive into too personal of the details (I've been married before, lost a child before, and made some poor choices in the love department ok?), but let's just cut to the real stuff.

My husband is awesome, we dated briefly years ago and broke up for stupid reasons OBVIOUSLY on his part. LOL. Years later he came back into my life when I didn't think i'd ever get another chance at love, let alone the chance to be a wife and mother. I was older, I had plenty of life previously and was scarred more than just emotionally. By the time we decided to not prevent pregnancy, we realized about a year in that something wasn't right. I was 38 and had past my prime at conceiving. Or so I thought (they call you "geriatric" in the paperwork people). Cut to about 4 months after that realization and we were finally pregnant with the help of a miracle doctor. For those that have struggled with infertility I get it. I've spent many hours giving and getting shots in various spots on my body all with the hopes of getting it just right to get this precious being. Well we got preggers the FIRST try and the Christmas of 2014 we had our beautiful girl. Our miracle baby, Everly.

Cut to 3 years later. Holy crap it is exhausting. I can't imagine what she's going to be like at 13!!!! If this is indicative of what that is like, I may have to invest in the wine of the month club that makes daily drop offs. 3 year olds don't care what you think, they don't care if they are publicly humiliating you and they certainly don't give 2 shits to listen to you as a parent. Most days I spend just picking my battles but struggle to make sure I'm actually "parenting" and not just trying to survive. (Oh wait, I really am just trying to survive!). All the while, especially today, I realize that she's my most precious gift ever given to me (next to my sweet loving hubby). I fought damn hard for her and in the deepest throws of her tantrums or 3 year old crazies....I find I reminisce about how hard it was to get pregnant, to try to have her and bring her into the world safely.

I went back to work full time only 1 month after she was born. Yes, only 1 month. I was a mess. I didn't take enough time off for my body to heal or recover and to give to her. I struggled and had to cut back per doctors orders. I finally got a rhythm down with life and nursing and started to forge my way forward as a working mom and hair stylist.

The last 3 years have brought so many changes and really, change is good. We don't seem to realize it going in that they are meant to shape us into the present day of who and what we are. These changes are usually scary and unpredictable - just like my 3 year old daughter. They are also bearers of great joy (mostly) and I have learned to reflect back on what it is that these changes are there for.

I decided about 2 years ago to bring hair extensions back into my life by taking a class that taught me 11 different methods in an 8 hour day. It was interesting and eye opening. I wanted to be able to help clients with their hair struggles while working a little less behind the chair so I could raise my little girl at home. My husband has always been my greatest supporter (even if i've questioned his delivery at times hehe), so he was 100% for me doing this to bring in extra and understood my wanting to help others. Around that time I found Danielle K. White of DKW Styling and I took a leap of faith and did her online hair extension course called Natural Beaded Rows. I was blown away at how natural they looked and it knocked down all the little methods I had learned previously. I was even more passionate about helping others get the hair of their dreams in a shorter amount of time in my chair. Which for me, meant spending more time with my little girl and still making people feel amazing.

Cut to now, my little girl just turned 3 last weekend and I can't get over the fact that time has gone WAY too fast. She's full of sugar and LOTS of spice. I pray for the man that chooses her some day because she will be a force to be reckoned with! In the midst of our battles over the color of her under wear for the day (yes she's obsessed with stars on her drawers right now, wth) and not wearing shorts in the winter, I realize what a HUGE blessing I have looking back at me from this little 3 year old face. As hard as some days are, I wouldn't change a thing. Nope, not one.

During all of this time, i've grown my extension business slowly. I followed through with DKW Styling and my biz partner/work wife, Christy, came on board and started the journey with me too. (She's got 4 boys, She's a damn saint you guys). We went to Laguna Beach and got certified with NBR Extensions and BMS Education. That was over a year ago and in that time our lives have changed. I am able to provide the BEST extension method to my amazing clients and I get so excited to give that HUGE change to them. I am now a Certified NBR Extension Specialist and at BMS Level 2 Certified. NBR - Natural Beaded Rows is a little miracle to help their confidence a bit, even if it is just hair!

My daughter is seemingly a reflection of the hardship, struggle and absolute JOY of what i've personally gone through. To myself and my business. Without her I don't know that I would have persevered to become a little more and help a little more. She and my husband are my reasons to not only work smarter not harder, but to be an example of what we can do with just a little mind shift. I love what I do and I probably will NEVER stop doing hair. But don't mind me if I love adding a little NBR love to some people's heads and get out of the salon in enough time to cherish the 3 year old gorgeous monster at home who loves waffles, Barbies and snuggling on the couch with her momma.

I'd love to get to know you and help you achieve some amazing hair! To learn more about NBR Extensions with me and to apply, click here:

Follow me on Instagram for more daily pics and of course my Insta-Stories (you'll get to see my little E there sometimes too! @hair_mechanicaz

Have an AMAZING week!


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