Just call me Dizzy...

I've been MIA in the last week. I am telling you guys, I am going a million miles a minute with my hair on fire! So much has been going on and I just am trying to get the gist of all of it.

Some of you may or may not know by now, I am a hair stylist specializing in NBR Hair Extensions. (See before and after pic above) I was trained by the AMAZING Danielle K. White of DKW Styling and her fantastic team at her salon at Laguna Beach over a year ago. It's by FAR the best method of extensions out there. Minimal damage, maximum results! (for more info check out my free video here: www.hairmechanicextensions.com). Well this last week I got the good fortune to head back to Cali for some more training at the first EVER BMS Convention in Huntington Beach (that stands for Big Money Stylist - another division of my NBR training). BMSCON was amazing and I got to reconnect with my fellow NBR stylists from all over the US and the world!! We were in a room with 170 hair stylists and I got the chance to help train stylists in the method under Danielle's tutelage. It was AWESOME!! It was also 3 full days of impactful business training, never mind the hands on that I got to help with. When I say impactful I also mean....emotional and electrifying.

Here's the thing...I've never really been to a convention. Let alone one for hair extensions of all things.

I have always seen those Tony Robbins videos and thought "how the heck does that pertain to me" and "what the hell do these people have to be so excited about". I had no interest in anything like that. You see, I tend to get energy overfill. No really, I literally can't even handle big crowds unless I'm in that mental place that has thought of what was about to go down for a while. I never expected what I went to.

I've been to my training with Danielle and 12 other stylists from all over the country last year. It was more select, more intimate and more one on one when necessary. But 170 people in one room??? And I had to help train and motivate people??? Who the heck did I think I was??? (I am NO Tony Robbins people). Danielle's husband Garrett is the head honcho of Wake Up Warrior (find out more about that here for you gentlemen), and he's the absolute BEST at busting our balls in the BMS world.. There's no other way for me to say it. And to get a group of artists fired up about their business and taking the industry back from what we've been told our whole life is pretty electrifying. Now before you go clicking off my page let me explain a little.

After beauty school most of us didn't have someone showing us the way to run our new little biz. We didn't have a clue what to do with numbers because darn it....we were ARTISTS! It was about the look and the feeling. Do we really need to know about dollars and cents?? Well YUP, we did. It took me almost 20 years to find NBR Extensions and BMS training. I can safely say my business has thrived and they're changing the way the hair industry is told is "right" for the future. The 3 day training was intense and powerful. Lots of emotion and energy. So much energy in fact, that I am only now finally coming off of it all. I told my work wife Christy that I could feel myself vibrating from the inside out! I guess i'm just super sensitive and being in that room with people who had ZERO idea of what was about to happen was just pretty dang electric.

I came home almost blank though.....I was so tired and my energy spent that I pretty much collapsed at the air port afterward. If you're a stylist and curious about it all, check it out here: https://dkwstylingsalon.com/nbr-certified-stylist/

Walking in the door to home, I got to see my sweet daughter (who is turning 3 this weekend btw) and my loving husband who took over both parental duties while I was gone. I'm so thrilled he believes in me and sees things from an entrepreneur mind. My daughter had just gotten a fever before I left and I was so afraid to leave. They did great though and she got over her fever in just a couple of days. I know that one day she'll understand all of my hard work and where it got me. I love that I can be an example of a woman chasing her dreams positively for her.

I got to reconnect with my BMS/NBR Tribe from my previous class and meet TONS of new people that are eager to learn. 2018 is already proving to be a major year for us and I am looking forward to seeing just what happens.

Christy & I at the BMS Graduation and Cocktail party

I am trying to not be so dizzy after the whirlwind of the convention, let alone the holiday season! I have more Christmas shopping to do and zero time to do it. Thank goodness for Amazon! Now to see how to get all of these awesome clients in BEFORE Christmas...



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