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So I have PROMISED to share some of my favorite every day beauty products...it only took me a week and 1/2! With Thanksgiving last week and the Christmas season upon us i've been SWAMPED at work!! Are you all still recovering from your food coma like I am? (The struggle is real, like I barely ate and needed a nap!). I'm so excited for the Holidays and I love to decorate for Christmas. I swear I think I have a style in mind for my decor, and then it always goes back to the traditional Christmas style. What can I say? I'm a sucker for some flocked trees and twinkle light glow. Now if I can keep my 3 year old away from the tree, that'd be SWELL! LOL!

Speaking of my 3 year old, how many of you are busy moms that have NO time for getting ready?? I love some glam, and I'm a bit of a makeup hoarder. I'm also INCREDIBLY picky about what I use on my face. I've tried just about everything and it's come down to the fact that I like nice products for my face. The cheap stuff is great in a pinch, (I love some great no name glosses and lipsticks!) but ultimately I am snooty about my makeup. This post isn't about the cost of the product, more about the quality. (More on this later).

For my GO-TO Mom Glam my arsenal is fairly small. It takes me about 5-7 minutes to put this on and then i'm good all day. Here is the list and why I love them:

-Giorgio Armani UV Foundation w/SPF 20 - It's simply the BEST foundation I've ever used. It's NOT cheap, it's hard to find and in fact it's been sold out forever. I had to buy on Overstock. com and i'm a little upset I had to. Fingers crossed they bring back more! I use color 4.5 for the fall/winter. Purchase here: www.overstock.com

-Clinique beyond perfecting foundation/concealer in one: This is seriously a great coverage! I love using this mixed with the Armani foundation for the coverage. It's not heavy and I love the flawless look this combo gives me. I use color 6.75 (but will be getting a lighter shade for the winter). Purchase here: www.ulta.com

IT Bye-Bye Under eye concealer & brightener: Game changer people! I was nervous about using this combo but it's literally the best concealer ever! The added brightener makes me look fresh and awake (which I need with my kiddo waking up in the middle of the night) and sometimes coffee just isn't enough for those bags right? I use color Medium. Purchase here: www.ulta.com

IT Airbrush blurring foundation brush for ULTA: Another game changer! I put on all of my foundation with my finger and the wand from the Clinique foundation (note the pic of me) and then I blend all of it in with this fabulous brush. I have used many different kinds of face brushes, this one is HANDS DOWN my favorite. Purchase here: www.ulta.com

Jane Iredale Pure Pressed blush & Sunbeam bronzer: Ok here is where the color comes in. I love this blush and it gives a lit from within glow. I use the color whisper, which is a peachy tone and i'm OBSESSED. I use the Jane Iredale fan blush brush for a soft look. I love the fact that it's not overly bright or fake looking. And here's the kicker: I use the Bronzer as my eye shadow quad! The peach and pink are my main shadow and transition color, the light brown my crease and the light tone is my brow bone and lid! Talk about easy!! Add a little black liner (and wing it just a little, this is every day remember??) and mascara and you are good to go. Pair with your fav lip gloss and you look fresh and ready for the day! I love the local shop here Citrine Natural Beauty Bar, I purchased online and it was a breeze. Not to mention their website is just GORG! Whether you live here in AZ or elsewhere, Citrine is the epitome of quality beauty products with the natural ingredients I love. Check them out here: www.citrinenaturalbeauty.com

My final look...

My final look. Not overdone, just natural.

I love things that are good quality...actually GREAT quality. I really don't buy cheap any more because it's just going to get me in the end. I've tried the cheap stuff, it's not bad. But not GREAT! It goes the same way with hair extensions. I LOVE the quality of Natural Beaded Rows hair extensions, so much so that it's the ONLY kind I do now. The other types aren't bad, but are they of as great QUALITY??? In my opinion it's superior and I like the best, and offering my clients the best is even better! I love being able to offer something that works well, lasts well and is less damaging than other types of extensions out there. Quality is a big deal, and it should be for you! To apply for NBR extensions with me click here: www.hairmechanicextensions.com.

Ok, off to take care of the rest of my Holiday decorating and chase after my daughter. Let's hope she doesn't break too many of those ornaments....I don't go cheap on those either!!

Have a wonderful day!! XO


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