NBR - The Hair Extension Game Changer

HI! It's Sunday here in lovely Phoenix, Arizona and it's finally starting to feel like Fall! On Sundays I get to reflect about my week and my business. It's therapeutic in a way, but I also get to see how my week was and then look ahead at what to expect. As a busy wife, mom and full time hair stylist, I have to mentally be prepared for anything that can happen! What I found this last week was the amount of hair extensions on my books is growing....

Why? Because I've been sharing on social media the amazing hair extension system I do called Natural Beaded Rows. I love them so much that it's the only kind of extensions that I do now! A lot of people are interested in hair extensions, but kind of scared because they don't understand understand how they work or what's involved. I can tell you that NBR or Natural Beaded Rows, is the least damaging method out there now. There's no heat or glue (or that dreaded sticky tape) involved. And the beauty of the method is it's customized to you! (Who doesn't want their own color custom blended and colored??? I mean come on!).

When you're a busy lady, it's all about looking good but making it easy! Styling these is so painless, washing and care is easy and you get the maximum amount of hair and volume. I personally wear them, even though YES...I was blessed with a lot of hair. (it's just not as amazing as this hair!). I love being able to have the ability to give people the hair they've always wanted and dreamed of. The confidence of it all is really all worth it! To find out more about NBR or if you are a candidate for NBR with me here in Phoenix, apply here www.hairmechanicextensions.com.

Check out my Instagram page for more pics and Insta stories of my daily life. @hair_mechanicaz

Have a great week!


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